Premium Black Chia Seeds
Tiny seeds; giant power!
Greatest Health Food Unknown to Mankind.


16 Oz. Power Pouch
Each 16 oz. power pouch of Health Warrior Premium Black Chia Seeds has:
- Omega 3’s of 10 lbs. of salmon
- Magnesium of 15 lbs. of broccoli
- Protein of 3 lbs. of tofu
- Fiber of 4 lbs. of oatmeal
- Antioxidants of 2 lbs. of blueberries
- Calcium in 4 lbs. of milk
- And the highest biological protein value of any plant source

What it all means for you:
- Sustained ENERGY
- Increased SATIATION
- Improved DIGESTION
- Enhanced FOCUS

Add this ultimate superfood to salads, drinks, smoothies, cereal – you can even take it by the spoonful with water and reap the benefits.

Discover a Faster. Stronger. Healthier. You.
Health Warrior
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  • One 16 oz Pouch (1) 16 oz Pouch
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Premium Black Chia Seeds, (1) 16 oz Pouch
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